Make People Remember Your Message
with Visualisations of your Core Ideas
(without boring text that no-one reads)

Languages: Dutch, german, english
Services: Live visualisation at learning events | illustrations | communication materials | animated videos
Ruhrgebiet, Germany

Good ideas are important for the world – But people are forgetful – We remember the images.


Are you organising an event with presentations and workshops?

Or are you creating a course, a presentation, or a publication?

You’re working hard to put it all together. Will it be worth it?

Will people remember what’s important?

Notes tend to land on a stack, and only rarely do people take the time to review them.


What if we could review your message at a glance?


Live visualisation at events is one of the options. This is also called ‘graphic recording’.


Participants review the lectures they have just attended. With a smile.


Images support learning by giving an easy overview and by engaging our emotions.

People memorize visual ideas quicker than with a text summary.

And it’s more enjoyable!



Your Visualiser: Tijmen Brozius

I was born in the Netherlands, and I now live in Witten, in the Ruhrgebiet in Germany.

Languages: Dutch (native speaker), English (near-native speaker), German (not perfect, but I have helpers for that).

My name is pronounced Taimen (for german speakers: Teimen).



Why we should work together

You want any professional you hire to be Good, Fast, and Likable.

  1. Good (1): I can draw fast and with a consistent style. I have drawn all my life and have studied at an art academy (ArtEZ in Arnhem, the Netherlands).
  2. Good (2): People have been surprised by the quality of my live visualisation of a topic that I had little prior knowledge of, as long as the speaker is clear and I don’t need a lot of insider knowledge, like a lot of acronyms or jargon. if necessary, we can add corrections and details in post-production.
  3. Good (3): I am familiar with the following topics:
    • Health and Lifestyle, Evolution of Medicine (biohacking, body-mind medicine)
    • Psychology, Coaching, Education
    • Meditation, Mindfulness
    • Social and Cultural Innovation
    • Sustainability
    • …And many more.
      I can refer you to my colleagues to cover technical topics like I.T., construction, manufacturing processes, and other highly specialised topics like “virtual reality software for heart surgery”.To find out if I can cover your topics, ask me at
  4. Fast: I draw fast, and I am always improving my workflow. I do my best to communicate clearly and effectively in emails, so everything runs smoothly.
  5. Likable: I am a focused, creative and attentive presence in groups. I have a sense of humor and I do my best to be a good listener. Because I only work for initiatives I morally support, I care about your mission once we decide to work together.


Who have I visualized for?

Among others:

  • Geographisches Institut, Universität Heidelberg:
    Workshop Medienbilder Humanitärer Hilfe, 2017
  • Kliniken Essen-Mitte:
          Mind-Body Medicine Summer School, 2014, 2015, and 2016
  • Universität Witten-Herdecke:
          Koerperl’Ich Themenwoche, 2016
          Sommerakademie, 2016
  • Universität Paderborn:
          Oikos Heldentag, 2014
  • Institute For Global Integral Competence:
          FUGIC (Flying University of Global Integral Competence) Forum, 2014

Center for Human Emergence, School of Synnervation:
      Conscious Leadership for Sustainability course, 2011.
a client testimonial:

     I worked closely with Tijmen over the course of four months as he did the graphic facilitation for a leadership development program I led. He managed to deftly capture very complex information and dialogue in unique, inspiring, beautiful and powerful ways.

     We ended up with a magnificent artistic representation of the essence of our work over this time. His final output significantly improved the overall learning environment of the course and was deeply appreciated by all participants. I highly recommend his work and will continue to involve him in programs to come.

Barrett C. Brown, Ph.D.c,
Specialist in Organizational and Leader Transformation to Manage Complex Change.
(then Executive Director of the Integral Sustainability Center in Amsterdam, The Netherlands)


Good Visualization
Will Give Your Work
a Bigger Impact in the World
by making it Memorable and Remarkable.

How can we visually enhance your work?

Your options:

      Live Events: I capture the content live, and send you a pdf with the optimised images.

      Presentation Materials: ‘Big Picture’ posters, powerpoint slides, custom-made for your unique message.

      Illustrations for your publications and websites.

      Animated Videos to spread your message online.

What are your needs and wishes?
Let’s talk. Email me at