Hi, my name is Tijmen Brozius. I was born in Wageningen, a small city in the Netherlands. I currently live and work in Germany, where my lovely girlfriend studies medicine.

I studied Fine Arts at the ArtEZ Art Academy in Arnhem between 2001 and 2007.


I have always drawn as a child. I was a quiet kid, who loved to spend hours reading comics (Suske & Wiske, aka Bob & Bobette, Astérix) and painting miniatures. I was very impressed by our visits to the Efteling (a theme park) and the museums, castles and palaces when on vacation. Whenever I am creating something with my hands and eyes, allowing my imagination to take form, my brain ‘clicks into place’ as it gets to do what it was hardwired for.


I am fascinated by how we live as bodies in a physical world, and how the body is our main medium of communication. My own practices of optimising my diet, contact improvisation dance, circling and authentic games, yoga, and playful outdoor activities like slacklining and tabletennis keep me deeply connected to my body, brain and heart.
I want to freely mix genres and techniques like the grandeur of fantasy art and the raw painterly quality of Francis Bacon. I’m not someone to stick to one medium, technique or style for long. Every method is like a color on the great pallette of life. The core skills I try to master are drawing, an intelligent eye and a sensitivity for nonverbal and symbolical communication.

I want my art to communicate the things that are at the core of our existence. What is really important in our lives? I want to face death, love, aloneness, silence, chaos, love… Whenever I doubt the purpose of art, I am again convinced that we need art to remind us of these deeper realities, so we can be more fully human and live up to our great potential. At least, I need art for that.


This all ties in with my desire to improve the world we live in. I believe that our human species needs to take a giant evolutionary leap to more harmony and unity. That is why I’m also involved with the Campaign for Global Simultaneous Policy (SimPol.org).


My own path has taken many turns so far, and I have not always been as true to my destiny of being an artist. In my blog you will find reflections of that, when I share things that have helped me create a life that is closer to my deeper self.

I look forward to us inspiring each other!

You can reach me at tijmen@tijmenbrozius.com.